WiFi Advertising Platform



WIFI Advertising Platform

The current Internet technology wifi hotspot is very popular and ubiquitous in everyday life. various provider of wifi internet development platform in the internet wifi many forms, whether it is to enter the normal, connecting wifi with Social Media, the OTP to receive a password, the questionnaire before the internet And to search for answers to the Engagement before accessing the Internet. It also enhances the competitiveness of business as well. For example, it is noticeable. Cafe's and restaurants installed Wifi hotspot in the shop to attract customers into the store more. Comparable as a service to customers who use the service. We therefore created a management system for organizations or companies that want wifi portal channel of communication with customers or see advertising before using wifi.

Smartclick Solution


                We have more  experience in the development of WiFi advertising platform by customers can customize according to customers required by the business that can bring WiFi advertising platform used a wide range of business which consists of.




              ร้านค้าปลีก                                  โรงแรม                                ห้างสรรพสินค้า                           ร้านอาหาร                                Wi-Fi ในเมือง                            ท่าอากาศยาน  



Hardware Compatibility







Feature WI-FI


  • TVC and video play on captive portal
  • Social Media plug in
  • Vote or questionnaire
  • positioning Technology
  • Static Report